In this post, you will get such a dua with the blessings of which the wife will be able to live a happy life with her husband. To live a happy life with a husband means that the husband gives love and importance to his wife and always takes care of her likes and dislikes. Remember that every woman wants to have a happy life with her husband, but not every woman always gets a happy life with her husband. Therefore, in this post, you will get the secret of living a happy life with your husband, but before that, you should know all the reasons why women are not able to live happily with their husbands. So read this post till the end because this post has some things for you that will benefit you all your life.

Reasons for Unhappy Life with Husband

If a wife is not happy with her husband, there can be 10 reasons and these reasons are mostly faced by women who marry by choice.
Due to marriage of choice, women often do not get respect from in-laws, so in-laws continue to create problems in the life of husband and wife for trivial reasons.
Therefore, with time, the importance and love of his wife in the husband’s heart starts to decrease and soon the fight between husband and wife also starts.
Sometimes after marriage, when the reality of the husband comes in front of the wife, she cannot be happy with her husband even if she wants to.
Some husbands do not have the habit of working, due to which the needs of the family are not fulfilled, and due to the lack of fulfillment of the family’s needs, constant problems arise between the husband and wife.
Some husbands constantly cheat on their wives by falling in love with other women, due to which women lose their husband’s love forever.
Some husbands always depend on their in-laws instead of working hard, due to which women get mental agony and they cannot be happy with their husbands even if they want to.
Sometimes the love of husband and wife becomes a victim of the evil eye and due to the evil eye, husband and wife cannot give love to each other.
Similarly, some people do black magic on husband and wife to create hatred in them, and due to black magic storms of troubles come in the happy life of husband and wife, and due to this soon women have to face divorce.
It should be remembered that some husbands fall into the habit of drug addiction due to witchcraft and black magic.
Staying away from prayer causes bad luck in husband and wife’s life, Therefore, bad luck brings trouble in the happy life of women. Therefore, the husband and wife need to pray.
Among the reasons mentioned, black magic and evil eye can cause terrible problems in the happy life of husband and wife. So the best dua to get rid of these causes and achieve a happy life is “Fasayak fi Kahumullah Wahuwas Samiul Alim”
With the blessings of this blessed prayer, happiness, and love are born forever in the unhappy life of husband and wife. The method of reciting this blessed prayer is listed below.

Dua for Happy Life with Husband

Fasayak fi Kahumullah Wahuwas Samiul Alim

If a woman wants to bring happiness in her married life, then it is possible through dua and the best dua to bring happiness in the life of married people is “Fasayak fi Kahumullah Wahuwas Samiul Alim”. This dua is verse 137 of Surah Baqarah and in this blessed dua, there is a solution to every problem of women.
Therefore, if a woman wants to bring her husband’s love and happiness into her life, then after every prayer, she should recite “Fasayak fi Kahumullah Wahuwas Samiul Alim” 137 times and continue this spiritual process for 7 days.
InshAllah, after 7 days, the heart and mind of the husband will be completely under the control of his wife, due to which the husband will always be under the submission of his wife.
After doing this spiritual process, the husband will do what his wife says.
After doing the spiritual process for 7 days, you should make a habit of reciting “Fasayak fi Kahumullah Wahuwas Samiul Alim” 70 times daily so that you will not face any problems regarding your husband again.

Dua for Happiness Between Husband And Wife

ayatul kursi in arabic

Every husband and wife desires that happiness should always remain between them. The happiness of husband and wife is in children, home, business, money, honor, and love.
That is, every husband and wife wants to have children, a house, money, honor, love, and wishes, but not everyone gets the mentioned blessings, due to which every husband and wife does not always get happiness. The sad thing is that some people work day and night to get the joys of life, but despite this, their problems keep increasing. In fact, if the husband and wife do not get happiness despite hard work and effort, it means that bad luck has entered into the life of the husband and wife. The reason for bad luck in the life of husband and wife can be due to chronic evil eye and black magic. Therefore, due to black magic and the evil eye, happiness cannot come in the life of husband and wife, and with time, their problems will increase. Because due to the evil eye and black magic, you will get tired of hard work and effort but you will not be able to bring happiness in your life. Therefore, to bring happiness in life, the husband and wife have to get rid of the chronic evil eye and black magic. The best dua to get rid of the chronic evil eye and black magic is Ayatul Kursi. Ayatul Kursi is in Para 3 and it is the greatest and most glorious ayat of the Qur’an the devil is afraid of this ayat and in this ayat, there is protection against evil eyes, black magic, jinn, enemies, and all kinds of evil. Therefore, if there is always trouble in the life of a husband and wife, then to end this trouble and bring happiness in life, you should recite Ayatul Kursi 70 times after every prayer and continue this spiritual process for 7 days. Insha Allah, in 7 days, blessings and happiness will start coming into your life. After completing the mentioned spiritual process, you should make a habit of reciting Durood 10 times and Ayatul Kursi 10 times daily so that no problem comes into your life again.

Amulet for Happy Life with Husband

If a wife wants to live a happy life with her husband forever, then the easiest and most successful spiritual practice for her is divine amulet. Remember that there are at least 70 reasons for having an unhappy life with your husband. Among these reasons, the worst reasons are bad luck, the evil eye, and bad luck. Therefore, with the blessing of the divine amulet, husband and wife are protected from 70 reasons that cause trouble between them.
Apart from this, with the blessing of the divine amulet, strong love between husband and wife is established forever, due to which husband and wife begin to give importance to living in submission to each other. The divine amulet is the best means of blessing and spiritual protection, while blessing and spiritual protection are the life-long needs of every husband and wife. Therefore, you must keep a divine amulet in your home.

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