In this post, you will get such a Quranic dua, with the blessing of which the husband will listen to his wife’s every word and will always obey her every word. Remember that if the husband does not listen to his wife, it means that the husband will not fulfill the needs and wishes of his wife, and If this has been happening for a long time, the family or someone outside the family may be creating a misunderstanding in the husband’s heart about his wife.
In addition, if the husband has established a relationship with a non-woman, then for this reason the husband does not give importance to his wife. Therefore, it is natural that the person who is not important is not listened to or accepted. If the importance of his wife has decreased in the husband’s heart, then due to this, with time, the relationship between husband and wife starts to weaken. It should be remembered that those people who lose the importance of their wife in their hearts, soon divorce their wives and get married again.
Sometimes it has been seen that the husband who does not give importance to his wife gets married secretly from the family and no one knows about his second marriage. It should be remembered that a husband can listen to and obey his wife if the husband has a deep love for his wife. Therefore, the only way to get the husband’s intense love soon is to Quranic Dua and you will get such a Dua in this post.

Dua for Husband To Listen To his Wife

Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Birahmatika Astaghees

If the husband does not listen to his wife, then we have told you the main reasons. Therefore, if a woman wants her husband to listen and obey everything she says, strong love for the wife must arise in the husband’s heart. The best dua “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Birahmatika Astaghees” to get the husband’s intense love soon. This dua is listed above in Arabic, and this blessed dua is a solution to every problem of every individual. It has been observed that with the blessings of the mentioned Dua, every problem of husband and wife is solved in 7 days.
After making the spiritual process of the mentioned Dua, the husband starts fulfilling every request of his wife without saying it, and in addition, the importance and love of his wife increases in the heart of the husband. So the husband starts being subservient to his wife all his life. To get the intense love of your husband, you have to recite Durood 10 times and “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Birahmatika Astaghees”100 times after every prayer and you have to continue this spiritual process for 7 days. After 7 days, you have to make a habit of reciting Durood Sharif 10 times and “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Birahmatika Astaghees”70 times daily.
Insha Allah in a few days the husband will fall in love with his wife.

Amulet for Husband To Listen To his Wife

Remember that if a husband loves his wife, no problem arises between husband and wife because of this love. But the devil creates some kind of problem between the husband and wife due to which the love of the husband and wife turns into hatred. Therefore, the most important thing for a wife is that Her love remains in her husband’s heart forever, which is not easy. But if a wife keeps a divine amulet in her house, then due to this, love for her wife is born in the husband’s heart forever. With the blessing of the divine amulet, the husband is always safe from the evil eye, black magic, and the love of a non-woman. Apart from this, with the blessing of the divine amulet, the husband always gets honor, success, progress, and money. Therefore, every woman needs to keep a divine amulet in her home.

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