The nature of some people is such that when they cause trouble to an innocent person, they get peace of mind due to this act. So they can be a source of trouble for any individual to get peace of mind. If your enemy is such that he feels comfortable oppressing you, then it is certain that he will never stop his evil actions. It should be remembered that the person who has the nature of being happy torturing a person, till his last breath tries to damage others’ lives, children, wealth, homes, and honor by making trivial matters of his basis. If such an enemy is weak, he oppresses innocent people with the help of black magic, And if such a person does not even know about black magic, then such a person calms his nature by killing innocent animals and seeing them suffer. It should be remembered that such people have very cunning minds and no common person has a proper idea of their personality. Rather, these people are seen with immense respect in society, due to which no one can assess the terrible side of their nature. Therefore, only after destroying such enemies, they can be saved. If a brother or sister is troubled because of an enemy, then deliverance and protection from such an enemy is possible only through Quranic Dua. So in this post, you will get a Quranic Dua that will destroy your cruel enemy automatically and forever. The details of this dua are listed below.

Dua To Destroy Enemies

Ya Qabizo

Calling Allah for help by His name is a dua, so if you want to get help from Allah to get rid of a cruel enemy, then the best dua for him is “Ya Qabizo”. “Ya Qabizo” is the attribute name of Allah and we have listed this name above in Arabic. A person who recites “Ya Qabizo”, his enemies are automatically destroyed. But remember that by reciting the “Ya Qabizo“, only those enemies of yours who are continuously oppressing you can be destroyed.
Therefore, on Tuesday or Monday after the Isha prayer, you should first recite 10 times Durood.
After that you should recite Surah Kausar 100 times.
After that, you recite 4000 times “Ya Qabizo”.
At the end, read Durood again 10 times.
You should continue the mentioned spiritual process for 7 days.
Insha Allah, after 7 days you will get rid of all your enemies and your cruel enemies will start to be destroyed automatically.
Another successful and powerful spiritual process to destroy the oppressive enemy is the Divine Amulet.
Therefore, you should keep the divine amulet in your house and keep it with you.
By the blessing of the Divine Amulet, every enemy of yours will have a deep fear of you,
So they will give up their intention to harm you.
Apart from this, the enemy who is constantly trying to harm you will automatically be destroyed by the blessing of the divine amulet.
With the blessing of the divine amulet, your life, property, honor, children, home, and business will always be under the protection of Allah.

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