In this post, you will get a Quranic Dua with the blessing of which divorce between husband and wife will not be possible. It should be remembered that divorce is the most disliked act of Allah’s favorite acts, but the act that Satan likes the most is divorce. Therefore, according to the blessed hadith, the devil keeps trying to get a divorce between husband and wife and sometimes he succeeds in his goal. While husband and wife believe each other as the reason for divorce and keep slandering each other. Therefore, it is important that the love between husband and wife should always remain so that divorce cannot happen between them.
But sometimes, despite the strong love between husband and wife, divorce occurs between them, which may be due to family members, So it is possible that someone in the family hates you. Also, when black magic affects a husband, he is forced to divorce his wife.
It has been observed that due to black magic, the husband divorces his wife even if he does not want to. Therefore, it is important that the love between the husband and wife should remain and their spiritual protection as well. Due to spiritual protection, the husband and wife are always protected from evil eyes, black magic, demons, and enemies, due to which the chances of divorce between them are reduced by 99%. So in this post, you will get a Quranic dua with the blessings of which the husband and wife will be protected spiritually due to which they will always be safe from divorce. Apart from this, if the husband has decided to divorce his wife, then with the blessing of this dua, the divorce between them will stop. The details of this Dua are listed below.

Powerful Dua To Stop Divorce In Islam

surah baqarah ayat 137 arabic

The best dua to prevent divorce between husband and wife is verse 137 of Surah Baqarah. This verse is listed above in Arabic.
To get the spiritual grace of this verse, you should first recite Durood 10 times after the Isha prayer.
After that, you should recite verse 137 of Surah Baqarah 137 times.
You should continue the mentioned spiritual process (wazifa) for 7 days.
Insha Allah, before 7 days the differences between the husband and wife will be over and the husband will also withdraw the decision of divorce.

Powerful Amulet To Stop Divorce

Powerful Amulet To Stop Divorce

Divorce often happens between husband and wife due to strong differences, hatred, evil eye, and black magic. And sometimes the differences between husband and wife become so great that it is not possible to prevent divorce between them. Divine Amulet is the best spiritual help to make such impossible tasks possible. Therefore, to prevent divorce in such a case, you should keep the divine amulet with you and keep it in your home. Divine Amulet removes every reason for differences and hatred between husband and wife, which does not lead to divorce between husband and wife. Apart from this, husband and wife are protected from divorce all their lives. Divine Amulet is the best spiritual protection and it has been used since ancient times for the spiritual protection of husband and wife. 

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