Protection from Black Magic ?
The best Quranic Dua for protection and deliverance from black magic is Ayatul Kursi. jinn, devils, witches, and all kinds of evil creatures are afraid of Quranic Dua Ayatul kursi According to a blessed hadith, Satan told this to the companion of the Prophet Abu Hurairah That all devils are afraid of Ayatul Kursi and this was confirmed by Holy Prophet. Therefore, Ayatul Kursi has been recited since ancient times to eliminate black magic, jinn and all kinds of evil influences. if a brother or sister is affected by black magic , so to eliminate these evil effects Write Ayatul Kursi with saffron ,after that, you should wear this Quranic Amulet around the patient’s neck. Insha Allah, with the blessings of Quranic Dua Ayatul Kursi, the patient will be cured of all kinds of black magic in a few hours. And in future life, the patient will be safe from all kinds of black magic. If any brother or sister wants more details regarding the mentioned Qurani Amulet, they can contact our team.

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