What Is Black Magic ?
First of all we will tell you what black magic is. After that, we will try to explain to you the effects of black magic on the human mind and life. Black magic is a demonic power by which a person can cause Unreasonable loss to his enemy’s life, children, health, honor, and business. Evidence of the origin of black magic can be found in Greece, Rome, Africa and Arab countries. Black magic is also mentioned in Quran and other holy books. Actually there are many demons in our world which we cannot see but they see us .Satan’s work is to mislead and destroy man, and when this work is initiated by man himself, this process is black magic.
That is, the power required to destroy a person with the help of Satan is black magic. Some people call Satan in special words to take revenge from their enemy .Through these words, Satan knows that a person wants to harm someone with his help. So Satan himself wants the same, but Satan in our universe Can intrude only to the extent of whispering .Not more than that .So the sorcerer performs certain rituals that cause the devil to enter the mind of the sorcerer’s enemy and cause him to suffer physical or financial loss. Black magic is not recognized by the human intellect, but it is not necessary that what the intellect does not recognize does not exist .Black magic is real and its harms have been witnessed by countless people in the world. It should be remembered that black magic can cause terrible harm to a person and there is no medical treatment for it. Its correct treatment is only in spirituality.

Black Magic Effects

There are some things in the world which our intellect does not recognize but they are there. Similarly, black magic and its effects are not recognized by our intellect, but it is there and its effects are explained in all the Holy books and its treatment is also mentioned.
There are also Qur’anic verses regarding the existence of black magic in Islam and there is also a Qur’anic treatment for it . Since our topic is the effects of black magic, we share with you some of the effects of black magic that were written by the elders in ancient books.
And we personally witnessed it.

21 Black Magic Impacts

Following are some of the harms and Impacts of black magic.
1-A sister may remain childless due to black magic.
2-Due to the Impacts of black magic, children may misbehave with their parents
3-Black magic can turn every success of a person into failure
4-Accidents can occur due to black magic.
5-Due to black magic, a person develops delirium, fear and insomnia.
6-Due to black magic, a husband can fall madly in love with a non-woman and throw everything on her.
7-Black magic definitely makes a person suffer from some kind of infamy.
8-Young boys and girls who suffer from black magic have excessive attraction towards the opposite sex.
9-Due to black magic, a person can suffer from severe shortage of sustenance.
10-A person’s business can be destroyed due to black magic.
11-A person may have an incurable disease.
12-Relationship and marriage can break.
13-Excessive differences and doubts may arise between husband and wife.
14-A husband can divorce his wife due to black magic.
15-Due to black magic, problems may arise in the houses of daughters.
16-People who suffer from black magic have quarrels in their homes every day.
17-Many people go crazy due to black magic.
18-A person suffering from black magic does not get success no matter how hard he tries.
19- Black magic does not take long to make the king A beggar.
20-Black magic brings stubbornness and anger in a person.
21 -Black magic always makes a person do wrong actions by giving him wrong thoughts.

It should be remembered that black magic can cause more terrible damage to any person than he thinks. Sometimes due to black magic such losses are also caused which are not in anyone’s imagination. Therefore, people who believe black magic is just an idle thought have been seen sleeping on the streets. That is, due to the effects of black magic, such people come from neighborhoods to the footpaths and this is a fact. Also, remember that if your mind is denying black magic then black magic is giving you this thought and this is one of the main symptoms of black magic. The best treatment for black magic in Islam is mentioned below.

How Can We Protect Ourselves from Black Magic?

Islam has given the best remedy for black magic. And this treatment is Ayatul Kursi. In Ayatul Kursi, there is a cure for black magic, jinn, evil eye, devil, witch and all kinds of evil effects. Therefore, if a person recites Ayatul Kursi once after every prayer, he should become fearless. If you have severe effects of black magic, then you should keep the amulet of Ayatul Kursi around your neck and keep it in every room of your house. Insha Allah, in 3 days, all kinds of bad effects will be removed from your body and home and you will always be safe with the blessing of Ayatul Kursi. You can get the Amulet of Ayatul Kursi from us for free by feeding 5 poor people and for this purpose, you can contact us on WhatsApp.

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