Black magic is a demonic power by which a person can harm another person’s life, children, home, honor, and business. Black magic, though irrational, has been a part of people’s beliefs since ancient times. Black magic was believed even before Islam and Islam has also confirmed the existence of black magic and its harms. So black magic cannot be denied. Islam has forbidden black magic And in this regard, the blessed hadith is listed below

Hadith about Black Magic

It is narrated from Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said
“Both the black magician and the one who receives his help are unbelievers.
(Ibn Majah)
It was narrated from Hazrat Anas that the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “Black magic is the greatest cruelty.” (Sunan al-Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 2054)

People have been harming others through black magic since time immemorial, And by using this satanic power, some people made divine claims before Islam. Nimrod, Shaddad, Haman, Pharaoh, and Abu Jahl were also black magic casters. Therefore, Islam has also told us Duas for healing and protection from black magic. Which we will tell you in detail in this post. But before treating black magic, we should know whether we are victims of black magic or not.
So below is the detail to verify black magic.

Recognizing the Signs of Black Magic

Black magic is generally recognized by its signs,So if you are a victim of black magic then the following 4 signs may appear on you.

  1. Black magic can cause pain in the head and arms of the person.
  2. Black magic causes depression, fear, and anxiety in a person.
  3. Due to black magic, every work of a person starts to get severely hampered,
  4. Due to black magic, a person may get opposition, hatred, and cheated by family and friends

For the detailed symptoms of black magic, the link is given at the end. It should be remembered that black magic cannot be recognized by mere symptoms, Because the Signs presented can be of any physical disease. Therefore, a spiritual expert verifies the presence and absence of black magic by considering spiritual factors and after performing spiritual rituals. So, to confirm the black magic, you must do another spiritual process.

The Secret Way To Recognize Black Magic

The Secret Way To Recognize Black Magic

If you want to confirm the presence or absence of black magic, So you should start our mentioned spiritual process on Tuesday.
For this spiritual process, you should get a hair of your head and sit in your room at night.
There should be no one else in this room except you.
Light an incense stick in the room to create fragrance in the room۔
After that, hold the hair in your right hand and make a fist.
After that, recite Surah Ikhlas 3 times and close your eyes.
During this spiritual process, your face should be towards the east.
Sit quietly in the described position for 15 minutes.
If in 15 minutes

  1. May your heart beat faster,
  2. You start feeling intense fear،
  3. You feel someone’s presence in the room
  4. You start to feel heaviness on your body
  5. You may feel a quiet whisper in your ears
  6. Or your neck automatically twists in one direction

So it means that you or your house is affected by black magic. The effects of black magic can be transferred from one person to another. Therefore, if one person in the family is a victim of black magic, then it can cause problems for the whole family. Therefore, after confirming the black magic, you must recite the dua for protection from black magic to cure the black magic. So that you get rid of black magic soon.

Dua for Treating Black Magic In Arabic

Dua for Treating Black Magic In Arabic

Dua for Treating Black Magic

For healing and protection from black magic, we are telling you 3 best spiritual processes and prayers which are as follows.

  1. La Ilaha illallah malikul-haq ul-Mubeen Dua
  2. Surah for Treating Black Magic
  3. Amulet for Treating Black Magic

La Ilaha illallah malikul-haq ul-Mubeen Dua 

There are many Duas for healing and protection from black magic. Among these Duas, “La Ilaha illallah malikul-haq ul-Mubeen” is an Powerful Dua. So if any brothers or sisters want to get quick healing from black magic, and also want them to be protected from black magic all their lives,
So for this purpose you after Isha prayer on Friday
First of all, recite Durood times.
After that, recite “La Ilaha illallah malikul-haq ul-Mubeen” 300 times.
At the end, recite 10 times Durood Pak.
Continue this spiritual process for 7 days.
Insha Allah, you will get rid of black magic in 7 days.

Surah for Treating Black Magic

Surah for Treating Black Magic

Surah Falaq and Surah Naas are the best Surahs for healing and protection from black magic.
Therefore, those brothers or sisters who recite Surah Falaq once and Surah Nas once after every prayer will soon be cured of black magic, and they will always protected from black magic and enemies. Surah Falaq and Surah Naas are also the best duas for protection. That is, with the blessing of Surah Falaq and Surah Nas, your life, wealth, honor, children, and home will be protected from black magic, enemies, and all kinds of harm.

Amulet for Treating Black Magic

Sometimes a person does not get cured by black magic but with the passage of time their conditions become worse. When black magic becomes old, we call it chronic black magic ،
Which does not go away easily. The Divine Amulet is the best spiritual process for deliverance and protection from chronic black magic. Therefore, to get rid of the permanent black magic, you should keep the Divine Amulet in your house and keep it with you.
Due to the Divine Amulet, you will get rid of severe black magic in 3 days and you will be safe from black magic in your next life. 

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