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Signs Of Black Magic Influence ?
Black magic is usually recognized by its symptoms. There are numerous signs of black magic and each person can show different signs of black magic, but still, there are some signs of black magic that are visible to all black magic sufferers, which can be the following.
1st Signs of black magic:
The thinking and behavior of a person affected by black magic suddenly change, and he is angry with everyone. Apart from this, the thinking of a person affected by black magic leads him to destruction, but the patient considers his thinking to be the best.
2nd Signs of black magic:
Another important sign of being affected by black magic is that the person denies the existence of black magic, and anyone who talks about black magic is considered crazy by the patient.
3rd Signs of black magic:
A person affected by black magic has nightmares. In such dreams, the patient sees the dead and sometimes sees himself dead. Apart from this, the patient may see an unknown house, cemetery, cat, black dog, fish, and dirt in the dream.
Sometimes the patient is given such dreams which he cannot describe.
Most of the dreams of a person affected by black magic come true, and sometimes the patient is unable to move despite effort during sleep.
4 Signs of black magic:
A person affected by black magic may suffer from headaches, pain in one arm, and stomach pain, also, a person affected by black magic feels suffocation in the middle of the chest and after a few days, the patient may suffer from an incurable disease.
A person suffering from black magic cannot sleep properly and he keeps thinking day and night.
5 Signs of black magic:
A person affected by black magic suffers from fear, anxiety, depression, and an inferiority complex. It loses the power to compete and win, and the patient only thinks about his success, but he is not able to do anything for success, also, the patient feels as if something bad is going to happen to him, and it happens in reality.
6 Signs of black magic:
A person affected by black magic sometimes feels whispering in his ears, and he also feels the sound of someone crying. Apart from this, the patient often sees black shadows, both these symptoms can be dire for the patient.
7 Signs of black magic:
A person affected by black magic feels intense fear of loneliness and darkness. Sometimes the patient feels the presence of someone in isolation.
The 7 symptoms mentioned above appear in women and men above 18 years of age.
Since women are sensitive, black magic affects women more than men, also, women realize black magic at the same time, while men sometimes do not realize black magic for many years.

Signs of Black Magic in Children 

Signs of Black Magic in Children Older than 7 years

Black magic shows different symptoms in children above 7 years than in adults. These symptoms include children crying, being stubborn, not eating, and being afraid.
Children affected by black magic become excessively mischievous and do such acts which may cause them injury. After bleeding, the intensity of black magic signs in children decreases, but after a few days, the children try again to do such movements that put them at risk of injury.
But after bleeding again, the children feel relaxed. However, children suffering from black magic do not always suffer from minor injuries. Due to the negligence of the parents, the children may also suffer from such injuries outside the home, due to which the parents may regret it for the rest of their lives. Therefore, children need the most protection from black magic and evil eyes.

Signs of Black Magic in Kids

Signs of Black Magic in Children Under 2 Years of Age

Children 2 years of age and younger are always at risk from black magic, evil eyes, and jinn, innocent children can observe the effects of black magic, evil eyes, and jinn.
But they can do nothing but cry.
Parents believe that their children have stomach aches, This may be true, but it may also be true that your children are influenced by evil spirits, black magic, or jinn.
It should be remembered that Muslim children are most at risk from witchcraft, magic, and jinn.
Therefore, whether your children have any problem or not, keep the Islamic protection amulet around their neck.
It should be remembered that it is not possible to prove black magic scientifically and rationally. We are sure of the effects of black magic because there are clear orders in the Quran and hadith regarding the existence of black magic and its harms. It is better that whether you are a victim of black magic or not, to protect your life, children, and home, keep a safety amulet in your house so that you are safe from black magic all your life.

Best Remedy for Black Magic 

The correct spiritual treatment of Black Magic is the Islamic Protection Amulet. Islamic Amu let of protection is written with special verses of the Quran which is the most powerful treatment and protection against black magic. You can get Protection Amulet by paying us $25 Donate and for this purpose, you can contact us on WhatsApp.

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