Black magic is associated with evil spirits, is it true or fiction, you will get the truth of this in the light of hadith in this post. Apart from this, in this post, you will also get the right treatment for black magic.

The Truth Of Black Magic

According to ancient books, many women in Europe in ancient times used the smoke of herbs and their smell or fragrance to treat people. During this treatment, she used to invoke the souls of her elders in specific words. These women believed that the holy spirits come and cure the disease of the patient, so special mantras and herbs were used to call these holy spirits. This method of treatment was quite popular in ancient times. Therefore, with time, people understood that these women were the reason for the Insolence of the Christian religion, so the people of Europe at that time killed about 2 million women by burning and drowning them in water. Therefore, after this incident, many people started seeing the women who were burnt and killed. These women were given the name of witches in ancient times and their fear was in everyone’s heart. Due to the continuous horrific incidents, people believed that the souls of the women who were burnt to death have returned and will now take their revenge. After that, there were many incidents in which people were killed mysteriously and the blame for such murders was placed on the souls of the women who were burnt to death. People believed that when these witches were called by their name and said that they were burned by so and so, that witch would appear and kill the concerned person mysteriously. So, according to history, people found a new way to detect harm to others and this method came to be known as black magic. So, spellcaster even today calls these witches and tell them the name of their enemy in specific words. So that witch gets angry and causes terrible damage to her enemy. It is said that the law of time does not apply to the afterlife, which is why women who were murdered in ancient times still seem to have been killed a short time ago. So the spellcaster takes advantage of this and lies to these evil spirits that they were killed by so-and-so. Therefore, it can be said that black magic is a power associated with evil spirits, but this theory is accepted by the people of Europe.

Black magic in the light of Hadith

According to the blessed hadith, a devil is born with every human being. Keeping this hadith in mind, some elders have researched and concluded that a person who practices magic tries to awaken the devil within a person by performing specific satanic rituals. And when the devil within a person wakes up, he causes severe harm to the concerned person. Just as a bee can hear the voice of another bee many miles away, a magician can achieve his goal by giving a signal to the devil within a person even if he is thousands of miles away. So it is important to be safe from black magic and this is possible only through dua.

Dua for Healing from Black Magic

surah fatiha for black magic

Surah Fatiha is a Dua for deliverance and protection from black magic. Therefore, if a person has become a victim of black magic, then he should take a glass of water after the Fajr prayer, recite Surah Fatiha 70 times, and drink it. By doing this spiritual process (wazifa) for 7 days, you will get rid of black magic. After that, to be safe from black magic, you must make a habit of reciting Ayatul Kursi once after every prayer. Inshallah by doing this you will always be safe from black magic.

Amulet for Healing And Protection from Black Magic

Amulet for Healing And Protection from Black Magic<br />

A powerful and simple spiritual process for healing and protection from black magic is the divine amulet. Divine amulets have been used since ancient times to destroy black magic and evil effects on the body and home and even today divine amulets are given importance to get rid of black magic. Divine Amulet is also the best spiritual protection and the best remedy for black magic. So if you have a divine amulet then black magic can never affect you. And your home, children, health, honor, and business will also be safe from black magic. Therefore, you should keep a divine amulet in your house and keep it with you.

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