Quranic Dua for Fear And Protection?
A sudden sense of danger is fear. It is a natural process that protects us from dangers. Therefore, any human being can be afraid of any material danger. This is normal. But if a person is feeling fear of something that does not exist in reality, then this is not normal. Fear of non-existent things can be psychological. Such fears may include fear of leaving the world, fear of the dark, fear of crowds, and fear of loneliness. But in spirituality, the reason for leaving the world, darkness, and loneliness is not merely psychological. Rather, this fear is an indication of an impending dire danger. That is, if a person is troubled by the fear of something that does not exist and because of this he does not get sleep, then this indicates the presence of an evil spirit or giants near the patient. In this post of Quranic Dua, we will tell you the real causes of fear and the correct spiritual remedy for it, which is the Dua of Fear.

3 Reasons for Fear

There can be three reasons for fear.
There can be three reasons for fear.
Psychological Reason for Fear
Medical Reasons for Fear
Spiritual Cause of Fear

Psychological Reason for Fear

Psychological Reason for Fear

Usually, the cause of fear is psychological and most women suffer from psychological fear. If a person is afraid of any incident in childhood, then such fear sits in the mind of the patient. Which comes in front of the patient as youthful phobia and fear. Scary stories heard in childhood can also come out as fear in youth. There is no medical cure for fear. But through the Dua of fear, one can get relief from psychological fear and this spiritual cure has been given in the end.

Medical Reasons for Fear

Medical Reasons for Fear

Due to blood pressure, depression, and lack of sleep, the nerves of the patient’s brain are severely weakened. Therefore, in such a case, the patient may suffer from fear of disease.

Spiritual Cause of Fear

Spiritual Cause of Fear

According to spirituality, the main cause of fear is evil spirits and jinn. Actually, the presence of jinn and evil spirits is felt in the form of fear. If a person feels fear due to evil spirits or jinn, it can be terrible. The reason for fear can be black magic and black magic. The main sign of black magic and evil eyes is fear. We have given three main reasons for fear. The cure for the mentioned reasons is in the Dua of fear. Therefore, we have told you below the treatment of fear. But before that, you should know the important symptoms that appear during fear so that you can understand the reality of fear.

10 signs of Fear

Fear is a part of human nature that affects every human being in one way or another. But if fear becomes intense, it can be dangerous for any individual. Therefore, the following symptoms may appear in the patient during fear.
Increased heart rate
The stress
Difficulty breathing
to tremble
to feel dizziness
Nausea or vomiting
Excessive urination
The mentioned symptoms can appear during psychological fear and spiritual fear, the cure of which is Dua for fear, which we have described below.

Dua for Fear

The most famous and effective dua to avoid fear is Ayatul Kursi. Ayatul Kursi is considered the best for getting rid of fear and protection. In ancient times, the elders of the house used to read Ayatul Kursi over themselves and their children so that they would be safe from fear.
According to the hadith, Ayat al-Kursi protects a person from jinn, Satan, evil spirits, and magic. Whether the cause of fear is psychological or spiritual, with the blessings of Ayatul Kursi, a person gets rid of fear. Therefore, if you are worried due to fear, then in such a case, you should read Ayatul Kursi 7 times and breathe it on your chest while sleeping at night.
Insha Allah, soon you will get relief from fear.

Dua for Fear at Night

If a brother, sister, or child feels fear at night, the reason may be spiritual. But often due to watching scary stories and scary dramas, women and children also get scared in their minds. Due to this, they feel fear at night. Therefore, in such a case, read Surah Falaq and Surah Nas 3-3 times and breathe on your chest or on the head of your children. Insha Allah, whatever the cause of fear is, you will get rid of it.

Amulet for Fear

If any brother or sister is suffering from severe fear. So, the most powerful spiritual Ritual for healing and protection from this fear is the Divine Amulet. The permanent spiritual cure for fear is the Divine Amulet, which protects you from the dire dangers of the future. Therefore, you should wear the Divine Amulet around your neck and keep it in your house as well. Inshallah, due to the Divine Amulet, you will get rid of all kinds of fear within an hour and you will be safe from fear in the next life. You can contact us for the Divine Amulet.

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