Dua To Increase Rizq and Wealth ?
If any brother or sister wants their sustenance and wealth to start increasing in a week, then the best Dua for him is Allah Hu Samd. Allah Hu Samad is the Isme Azam and this Dua is found in Surah Ikhlas. Allah Hu Samad is a short verse and prayer of the Qur’an which has countless benefits. In this post, we will tell you a way to recite Allah Hu Samad, which will start increasing your sustenance and wealth within a week. It is the desire of every person to get more sustenance and wealth. But this wish is not fulfilled by everyone . But you can achieve this wish by reciting Allah Hu Samad. By reciting Allah Hu Samad, you will get such spirituality due to which you will get the unseen help of Allah.
Due to the unseen help of Allah, you will start getting sustenance easily and in some time you will also get wealth. The blessings of Allah will start appearing on you within a week.
The method of reciting Ism-e-Azam-Allah Hu Samad is listed below.
But before that you need to know the reason for not getting sustenance and wealth

The Reason for not Getting Wealth And Sustenance

If you want to get abundant sustenance and wealth, first of all, you have to find the reasons that cause lack of sustenance and wealth.
Lack of sustenance and wealth is due to bad deeds, evil eyes, and black magic.
It is up to you to correct your deeds.
But it is not easy to escape from evil eyes and black magic.
so ,if a person is protected from black magic and evil eye since his childhood, no one can stop him from becoming rich
But if a person is a victim of evil eye and black magic, he will not be able to get much sustenance and wealth despite hard work and effort.
The surprising thing is that some people do not realize black magic and black magic, nor do they believe in black magic.
So if you want to get more wealth then you have to be safe from evil eyes and black magic.
Remember that anyone who is jealous of you can be a victim of his destruction.
And besides, anyone who considers you as his enemy can do black magic on you.
Therefore, the best dua to be protected from black magic and the Evil eye is Ism Azam Allah hU Samad.
We have listed the method of recitation below.

Dua To Increase Rizq And Wealth

If you want to get sustenance and wealth quickly, then for this purpose you should read Durood Pak 3-3 times first and last before going to sleep, and in the middle you should recite 1100 times Allah Hu Samad. You have to do this spiritual process for 7 days. After 7 days you should make a habit of reciting Durood Ibrahimi 10 times and Allah Hu Samad 100 times daily. Insha Allah, in a week you will start getting all kinds of ease regarding sustenance.

Divine Amulet for Wealth

If a brother or sister is not able to recite Isme Azam Allah Hu Samad to get sustenance and wealth , So get that divine Amulet from our team and keep it in your home and keep it with you. Due to divine Amulet, you will get rid of evil eye and black magic, besides you will be protected from evil eye and black magic in the future life, and this is the secret of getting more wealth. Divine Amulet is written keeping in mind the person’s name, purpose, and many spiritual principles. Which may take 24 hours. This Amulet will be sent to you on WhatsApp. Insha Allah, before 7 days, you will start seeing the benefits of Divine Amulet.

Divine Amulet for Wealth Benefits

Divine Amulet is Quranic, so you will continue to get countless benefits from it throughout your life, some of the observable benefits are listed below. Due to Divine Amulet , you started getting more sustenance easily.
You will start accumulating money.
You will start getting success in every field of life.
If you don’t have a job, you will get a job of your choice.
You will start getting advancement, success and respect in job.
Your income and salary will start increasing.
If you do business, your business will start to grow.
Your luck will be good due to which you will start getting wealth soon.
You will get respect in family, office and society.
Everyone will start loving you.
You will get rid of all kinds of obstacles and problems.
Remember that you will get the benefits mentioned only if you have Divine Amulet.

Divine Amulet will be sent to you on WhatsApp and for this purpose, we need your name, date of birth, purpose, and time of 12 hours. Click the button below for details.

Dua can miraculously remove all your problems. So you can contact our team for prayer and spiritual help.

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