Spiritual Treatment of Depression ?
Depression is a rapidly growing mental illness for which doctors only prescribe narcotic drugs.
A patient with Depression loses feelings of pleasure. In spirituality, the cause of Depression is believed to be Evil Eye and negative energy. That is, the effects of negative energy and evil eye enter the human body and make the patient suffer from depression for some time.
Remember that depression is also an important sign of negative energy, black magic, and evil eye. So the best cure for depression is in spirituality , And till today, countless depression patients have been cured by spiritual treatment. The best cure for depression in Islam is in Surah Ikhlas. Therefore, if any brother or sister is suffering from depression, they should recite Surah Ikhlas 100 times daily and breathe on their chest. Apart from this, you can get the amulet of Surah Ikhlas from our team and wear it around your neck.
InshaAllah, due to the amulet of Surah Ikhlas, you will get rid of negative energy and soon you will get rid of depression.

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