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Fever is a common disease that can affect a person of any age in any season, Fever can also be seasonal which usually affects children. But as soon as it rains, children start getting relief from seasonal fever. Children can also get fevers due to throat infections. Apart from this, fever can also appear as a symptom of a disease. In general, fever is one of the main symptoms of TB, liver diseases, stomach ulcers, and chronic diseases.
In this post, we are telling you a prayer with the blessing of which you can get relief from fever quickly. This prayer should be remembered by the elders of the house. So that children can be protected from fever through this prayer if they get a fever. This Dua is verse 69 of Surah Anbiya, which is the best spiritual remedy for all types of fever. This Dua is equally useful for treating fever in children and adults.

Dua for Fever

Dua for Fever

Surah Anbiya verse 69 is very effective for quick recovery from fever. This verse is mentioned above. Therefore, when a person in the house gets a fever, you should recite this verse 11 times and blow on the patient. Do this process at least 2 times a day. Insha Allah, by doing this, the patient will recover quickly from all types of fever. It should be remembered that there is also a command to use medicine in illness, while with the blessing of prayer, medicine becomes the cause of quick recovery for the patient.
The second best spiritual process for quick recovery from fever is Divine Amulet. Therefore, wear the divine amulet around your neck. InshAllah, with the blessing of divine amulet, you will get rid of all types of fever and the causes of fever and you will be safe from fever and all types of diseases in the future life. 

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