Devil understands a special language. Devil does not understand English, Urdu, or Arabic language. Therefore, when Devil is invoked in a special language, it is black magic. In fact, Devil knows that Allah does not like that a person seeks help from anyone other than Allah.
Therefore, the devil creates such a thought in man that he gets help from the devil to fulfill his desires. So we can say that rebellion against the monotheism of Allah is black magic. Black magic was believed even before Islam and Islam also has orders on the reality of black magic.
But Islam has not only declared black magic as forbidden, but Islam excludes anyone who practices black magic from the circle of Islam. Black magic has been used since ancient times to harm a person’s life, property, honor, children, and health. Apart from this, black magic has also been used to create hatred or subjugate someone. According to the ancient Sophia, any kind of irreparable damage can be done to someone by black magic. Therefore, Islam has taught us such prayers due to which a Muslim can always be protected from black magic, and in such Quranic prayers, Surah Falaq, Surah Nas, and Ayat al-Kursi are important. Therefore, if a brother or sister is a victim of black magic, he should write Ayatul Kursi with saffron and wear it around his neck or keep it in his house. Inshallah, magic will be completely removed from your house and body and you will always be safe from black magic. If you have any problem regarding black magic then you can get free spiritual guidance from our team.
If a brother or sister wants to know whether they are affected by black magic or not, so for this, we have mentioned the signs of black magic and simple Quranic rituals to recognize black magic, whose links are given below.
Signs of Black Magic in Islam
Identify Black Magic In 5 Minutes

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