In this post, you will get a dua for an obedient husband. This prayer is “Qad Shaghafaha Hubban“, Before knowing the details of this dua, women need to know what is meant by the husband’s obedience and if the husband is not obedient, what are the reasons for it Obedience of the husband means getting the true love of the husband and the true love of the husband means that the husband does not give any other woman a place in his heart except his wife. But most of the husbands are those who hide everything from their wives,
and if a husband hides everything from his wife, then it is possible that he loves another woman. Therefore, when a husband loves another woman, he never reveals this to his wife, and in the same way, sometimes the husband secretly marries another woman, and this is known to the first wife when the husband has 4 children from his second wife. So every wife should know all the reasons why a husband cannot be faithful to his wife.

Why Husband not Obedient?

Remember that when a husband falls in love with another woman, 70% of the reason is black magic. And most of the husbands and virgin girls in the world are affected by black magic.
Remember that men have been in love with women’s thick hair since ancient times. Therefore, some women perform such a black magic ritual on their hair, due to which a woman’s husband falls in love with her, and when a husband is in love with a woman, he does not leave her easily, nor does he reveal this to anyone. Therefore, the spiritual protection of the husband is very important to get the love and loyalty of the husband. Whereas “Qad Shaghafaha Hubban” is a prayer with the blessing of which the husband is also protected spiritually and is always faithful to his wife. The details of this dua are listed below.

Dua for Obedient Husband

Obedient Husband Qad Shaghafaha Hubban

If a woman wants her husband to always be obedient to her, then first of all must recite Ayat al-Kursi once, Surah Falaq once, and Surah Nas once after every prayer. So that the husband will be safe from black magic, evil eye and the love of a non-woman, After that, get a wooden comb and comb your hair in the morning and evening using the comb, And while combing your hair, you should keep reciting “Qad Shaghafaha Hubban” countless times. By doing these spiritual process for a few days, you will get your husband’s love and loyalty forever.
You have to continue this spiritual process(wazifa) always and if you don’t get benefits in 7 days, it means that your husband’s body has got serious effects of black magic. Therefore, in such a case, you should keep the Divine Amulet in your house, InshAllah, with the blessing of Divine Amulet, the effects of all kinds of black magic will be removed from your husband’s body and the wife will also get the love and loyalty of her husband soon and forever. Divine Amulet is a very ancient spiritual process and because of it, every woman gets every happiness in her life.

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